Dog Collar Turquoise with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires

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Neck measurement
XXS 19 cm – 22cm
XS 23 cm – 27cm
S 27 cm – 31cm
M 33 cm – 37cm
Neck measurement
XXS 7.5″ – 8.5″
XS 9″ – 10.5″
S 10.5″ – 12″
M 13″ – 14.5″

Advice on how to measure

Using a soft measuring tape, measure their neck at the widest point leaving space for two fingers to fit between the tape and the neck so it’s not too tight.

If your dog is between sizes, we suggest going up a size.


Dog Collar Turquoise with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires

The product

Dog Collar in Turquoise: A Union of Diamonds and Blue Sapphires

Price: 725,00 €
In the tapestry of life, dogs shine as the golden threads. Their unwavering loyalty? Legendary. Their zest for life? Contagious. They’re not just pets; they’re heartbeats at our feet. For these unparalleled companions, shouldn’t their accessories mirror the same premium quality they bring into our lives? Dive into a world of luxury with our Dog Collar in Turquoise, a masterpiece adorned with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires. Your loyal friend deserves nothing less.
A Symphony of Elegance & Emotion
It’s not just about the radiant sparkle or the lush turquoise allure. Delve deeper. It’s a saga, an ode to love, an anthem of commitment. With MAYADORO’s iconic charms – the “Heart” and the “Paw” – this collar isn’t just a piece of art. It’s a diary, chronicling every playful chase, every silent nuzzle, every shared secret between you and your companion. Not merely an accessory, but a badge of shared tales and timeless affection. A testament to the adventures penned with paw prints and heartbeats.

Charms that Dance to Your Tune
One of the standout features is the interchangeability of the charms. Imagine having the flexibility to personalize your accessory as per the occasion or mood. Perhaps one day, you’d like these precious charms on your bracelet, making them a conversation starter at a social gathering. On another, you might want to transfer them to our sophisticated MAYADORO harness. The liberty to switch is a testament to our commitment to providing a versatile and customizable product. And for those who seek more diversity, our Accessories page brims with a plethora of charm options.
MAYADORO’s Signature Touch

Sometimes, it’s the subtlest of touches that leave an indelible mark. And with MAYADORO, it’s always about that extra mile. With every collar, we gift you our bespoke stainless steel screwdriver – a seamless blend of functionality and finesse. Not merely an instrument, but a key to refining your experience. Because with MAYADORO, elegance isn’t just in the product; it’s in the process.
Embracing All Canine Companions

Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier. Pomeranian or Russian Toy. Papillon, Mini Pinscher, or the elegant Chinese Crested. Whether your companion is a poised Poodle, a majestic Maltese, a playful Maltipoo, a youthful Yorkiepoo, a gentle Japanese Chin, a dashing Dachshund, or a meticulous Miniature Schnauzer, this collar knows no boundaries.
Its universal design, combined with its luxurious appeal, makes it a fitting accessory for a diverse range of breeds. Every dog, regardless of its size or breed, deserves a touch of luxury, and this collar ensures just that.
Craftsmanship that Speaks
The creation of this collar is an intricate process, marrying aesthetics with quality. Let’s delve into the materials:
Dog Collar Materials:
● Upper Leather: Soft calf leather, ensuring your pet feels as if they’re draped in luxury.
● Lining Leather: The nubuck leather lining, gentle against the skin, ensures utmost comfort.
● Metal Components: The rust-resistant stainless steel speaks volumes about durability.
Jewellery Details:
● Charm Heart: This isn’t just a charm; it’s a masterpiece. Carved from 14k gold and embedded with sparkling blue sapphire and diamonds, it’s a testament to craftsmanship.
● Charm Paw: Another marvel in 14k gold, this charm, with its shimmering blue sapphires, captures the essence of your pet’s playful spirit.
● Fastening: A robust stainless steel fastening, ensuring the collar stays in place, reflecting both style and function.
In Conclusion
In a world where pets are more than just animals, where they are family, they deserve accessories that mirror their significance in our lives. The Dog Collar in Turquoise, bedecked with Diamonds and Blue Sapphires, serves as that symbol. It’s more than a mere accessory; it’s a reflection of the bond you share with your pet. It’s an embodiment of luxury, quality, elegance, and above all, love. With MAYADORO, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in an emotion, making a statement that resonates with the unparalleled love you have for your canine companion. Join us in celebrating this bond, for in the end, love is all about the small gestures that leave a lasting impact. Your pet deserves the world, and we’re here to provide a slice of that luxury.

To extend the life of your MAYADORO products, please follow these care instructions:

You can remove dirt with a damp cloth and allow to dry away from any heat source or direct sunlight. Similarly, if the leather gets wet, place the item away from any heat source and allow to dry at normal room temperature.

Diamonds / Precious Stones
To maintain the brilliance of the precious stones prevent rough use, scratching or surface abrasion which can diminish brilliance and cause loss of the stones. If necessary, clean using a damp cloth. Do not clean any precious stones with chemicals, abrasives, or solvents.

To ensure you get many years of pleasure from your purchase please prevent your dog from scratching at its collar, removing it when playing with other dogs, or when your dog is engaged in activities which are liable to damage it. While our products are designed to be durable, they are not intended to be used in unsuitable situations.

Some items may be in stock and available to ship immediately. If the item is not in stock, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.

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