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Luxury Dog Collars for Your Beloved Canine

Our MAYADORO Signature Dog Collar is thoughtfully designed for small dogs to become your favorite accessory. They are the most luxurious declaration of love that you can give to your pet. Small dogs can have big personalities, so only the finest things in life will do.

Our elegant and lightweight dog collar is an excellent choice for any dog lover who enjoys walking their dog with style, class, and luxury.

We believe dogs are life’s truest companions, who expect nothing yet give us everything in return. Exactly for this reason we believe that our dogs deserve nothing more than the best.

Nothing makes your heart beat faster than a personalized luxury dog collar with 14k gold and diamond charms.

Personalize your luxurious MAYADORO dog collar with our diamond and sapphire charms that can be worn interchangeably on dog collars, dog harnesses, and your personal bracelet. Depending on the size of the dog collar, it can be personalized with up to four pieces of fine jewellery charms.

By using real diamonds and gemstones fused with traditional craftsmanship, we respect the lifelong memories that make owning a dog such a privilege.

Shop from a range of luxurious dog collars, dog collar necklace by MAYADORO, available in the finest leather, handmade in Italy.

Add luxury to your dog.

This MAYADORO dog collar is suitable for small dog breeds such as:
-Chihuahua -Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie – Papillon – Maltese – Jack Russel – Pomeranian – Rat Terrier – Bichon Frise – Boston Terrier – Dachshund – Schnauzer – Norwich Terrier – Pekingese – Shih Tzu – Bolonka and others.